2019 Neighborhood Street Program Announced

Paving projects for the 2019 Neighborhood Street Program have been named, city officials announced today.

The 2019 Neighborhood Street Program will begin next month. The Neighborhood Street Program was started last year as part of a commitment made to Springfield voters with the passage of a tax levy two years ago.

“In 2017, we told the people of Springfield that part of these dollars would go toward improving their neighborhood streets, so taking up the Neighborhood Street Program again in 2019 is a must,” said Springfield City Manager Bryan Heck. “We are dedicated to the task of doing all we can to better the lives of our residents by improving neighborhoods and maintaining our infrastructure.”

Following the completion of the 2018 Neighborhood Street Program, the city held four public forums to hear input from residents about future projects. That input helped city officials decide which streets would be included in future programs, said Heck.

Work will begin in March and will continue throughout the summer. Streets named in the 2019 project include:

  • El Camino (Santa Monica to Vester)
  • Fulton (Nagley to Belmont)
  • Harding (Fountain to Limestone)
  • Kenwood (Belmont to Selma)
  • Nagley (Sunset to Kenwood)
  • Olympic (Home to Apollo)
  • Perrin (Plum to Wittenberg)
  • Rutland (Nagley to Belmont)
  • Springmont (Oakleaf to Driscoll)
  • Vester (El Camino to Derr)
  • E. Ward (Fountain to Limestone)
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