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We are investigating an injury hit-skip that occurred on September 9, 2017 at 6:52pm. The accident occurred on W. Pleasant St. near S. Light Street. An 11 year old boy attempted to cross over W. Pleasant from the south to the north. He was struck by a car traveling westbound. The car that struck him did stop for about a minute or two but then fled the scene. Upon impact the 11 year old went partially airborne and when he came back down his left leg was run over by the back driver side tire. His ankle was shattered and he is requiring numerous surgeries. The boy, after being hit instictively tried to get up and the bone actually ended up slicing through the skin. A witness stated the suspect vehicle is a dark blue vehicle, with faded sun spots and that in the faded areas it makes the vehicle look black. He said the vehicle looked to him to be an early 2000’s Oldsmobile, though he wasn’t sure on that. He stated the vehicle has a very small spoiler on the trunk and that it is molded into the trunk, not seperated. The witness also stated what stood out the most is that the gas cap / cover was completely mangled (not from this crash, but something that happened prior). He stated in his opinion the windows aren’t extremely tinted but dark enough to where he couldn’t see how many occupants were in the vehicle. He saw the vehicle strike the boy on the left front. The vehicle stopped several car lengths up after impact and the driver side door opened. He stated no one got out of the car. He then heard the car door close, looked back forward and the suspect vehicle fled the scene, turning north onto S. Western Ave. We did collect the driver side rear view mirror. All we have is the mirror (intact but spiderwebbed) We do not have the mirror casing. So the mirror casing may still be attached to the vehicle, but missing the mirror glass.

If you have any information, call 324-7717.

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