About Springfield-Beckley Municipal Airport

As a major military unit and vital component of the area’s economy, the Springfield-Beckley Municipal Airport provides air travel and cargo needs for both citizen and business activities in the Springfield region.

Airpark Location:

1251 West Blee Road
Springfield, OH 45502
(937) 325-6108

The Springfield-Beckley Municipal Airport is located on County Route 794 (West Blee Road), 4 miles south of the City of Springfield.

Airport Master Plan
Airport Facts

Springfield-Beckley Municipal Airport

JEDD Income Tax

Springfield-Beckley JEDD Income Tax Rate: 1%

General Information and Forms

JEDD Business Questionnaire   - to establish a new tax account

JEDD Withholding booklet

JEDD AGREEMENT with 2016 update



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Airport Information

  • FAA Identifier: SGH
  • Instrument Approach: VOR-DME, GPS RNAV RWY 06/24, NDB 24
  • Latitude: N399° 50.42′
  • Longitude: W839° 50.41′
  • Magnetic Radial: 6.19° West
  • Approved Instrument Approach: Runway 24
  • Fuel Type Offered: AVGas 100 LL & Jet A (Full & Self Service Available)
  • CTAF / Unicom: 122.950
  • AWOS: 134.975
  • FBO Services: 120.700

Runway Specs

Two intersecting runways are capable of handling anything from a heavy military transport to a small two-seat training aircraft:

Runway 6/24 Specs:

  • Length: 9,000′
  • Width: 150′
  • Runway Edge Lighting: High Intensity
  • Approach Lighting: ALSF2

Runway 15/33 Specs

  • Length: 5,500′
  • Width: 100′
  • Runway Edge Lighting: Medium Intensity

Airport Specs

ODOT Department of Aviation

Information and reports about Springfield-Beckley Municipal Airport can also be found on the Ohio Department of Transportation website.  The following reports are from ODOT.

Aerospace Partners

Springfield-Beckley Municipal Airport

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