City Commission Approves Townhome Development in Downtown

SPRINGFIELD,OH (Dec. 17, 2018) — An ordinance that allows the city to move forward with a redevelopment agreement to create 34 townhome units in downtown was passed by the Springfield City Commission December 18.

Passage of the ordinance allows the city to enter into a redevelopment agreement with Charles V. Simms Development Corporation to build a residential development named Center Street Townes at a site located between West Main and West Columbia streets.

“This is an exciting time for Springfield and its residents,” said Mayor Warren Copeland. “This project ties together some important parts of the goals and objectives that the City Commission committed to for the people of Springfield: continued downtown revitalization, improved housing, and continued economic development.”

The proposed development will include 34 three-story units that have built-in garages with access from Center Street. Each home will be approximately 1,300 square feet and prices will start at and around $200,000.

“More than $400 million in downtown investment along with cooperation among our many community partners paved the way for this redevelopment,” said City Manager Jim Bodenmiller. “We’re excited about this project and what it means for the future of Springfield. This is the first substantial owner-occupied residential development that we’ve had in our downtown and we hope this project is just the beginning.”

Charles Simms Development is a Dayton-based company founded in 1957. The company specializes in maintenance communities and has built 115 townhomes in Dayton similar to those planned for downtown Springfield. Charles H. Simms is the President and Robi Simms is the Vice President of Sales and Marketing.

“We are very excited to have the opportunity to build in this new urban environment and join in all the help with the residential resurgence in and around downtown Springfield,” said Charles Simms.

SpringFORWARD is a non-profit equity fund, established in 2015 to provide gap financing and equity investments focused on the redevelopment of our downtown. SpringFORWARD’s members include the City of Springfield, Clark County, the Chamber of Greater Springfield, the Springfield Foundation, Speedway, MercyHealth, the Turner Foundation and the Quinlan Foundation.

“Supporting the development of both new and renovated housing projects in downtown has been a priority of SpringFORWARD since its inception. We are both excited and honored to be a part of this exciting new residential development in downtown.” Michael Greitzer, SpringFORWARD Executive Director.

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