City Clerk’s Office

Ms. Connie Chappell

City Clerk

City Manager’s Office

Mr. Jim Bodenmiller

City Manager

Mr. Tom Franzen

Assistant City Manager / Director of Economic Development

Mr. Bryan Heck

Deputy City Manager


Community Development Department

Ms. Shannon Meadows

Community Development Director

Ms. Nancy Flinchbaugh

Fair Housing/Mediation Coordinator

Mr. Ed Leinasars

Housing Rehab Coordinator

Mr. Stephen Thompson

Planning, Zoning, and Code Administrator

Ms. Cheryl Dover

Minority Business Development Coordinator

Ms. Jackie Sudhoff

Development Programs Admin.

Mr. Jene Gaver

Chief Building Official

Engineering Department

Mr. Leo Shanayda

City Engineer

Ms. Juli Springer

Engineering Project Manager

Mr. Kurt Tyson

Field Supervisor

Finance Department

Mr. Mark Beckdahl

Finance Director

Ms. Nancy Belcher

Taxation Administrator

Mr. Andrew Luttrell

Utility Billing Manager

Mr. Gary Peters

Information Technology Manager

Ms. Brandy Bussey

Purchasing Specialist

Ms. Tiffany Ross

Deputy Finance Director

Mr. Robert Mauch


Fire Rescue Division

Mr. Nick Heimlich

Fire Chief

Mr. Rodney Rahrle

Assistant Fire Chief/Training Officer

Mr. Brian Miller

Assistant Fire Chief/Fire Marshall

Law Department

Mr. Jerry Strozdas

Law Director

Mr. Andy Burkholder

Deputy Law Director

Mr. Marc Ross

Chief Prosecutor

Personnel Department

Mr. Jeff Rodgers

Personnel Director

Ms. Natalie Payton

Personnel Analyst

Ms. Fonda Akers

Personnel Analyst

Police Division

Captain Brad Moos

Staff Services Division

Captain Michael Varner

Investigations Division

Captain Lee Graf

Uniform Patrol Division

Service Department

Mr. Chris Moore

Service Director

Mr. Shawn Wilson

Operations Superintendent

Mr. Tim Weaver

Operations Engineer

Buildings & Offices

City Hall

Office Hours:

Monday - Friday 8am - 5pm

Closed all national holidays.

Clark County Municipal Court

Office Hours:

Monday - Friday 8am - 5pm

Closed all national holidays.

Fire Station # 1 (Administrative)

Office Hours:

Monday - Friday 8am - 5pm

Closed all national holidays.

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