Commission to Hear Update on Goals and Objectives Tuesday Night

SPRINGFIELD, OH (Oct. 8, 2019) —  Springfield City Manager Bryan Heck will update the Springfield City Commission on the City’s progress toward its 2019-2020 goals and objectives Tuesday night, Oct. 8.

City Commission adopted the 2019-2020 goals and objectives earlier this year. Commission grouped the goals into five categories: Strong City Operations; Economic Development; Improved Quality of Life; More Vibrant Downtown; and Improve Corridors.

Goals adopted in the 2019-2020 agenda include: Working on attracting and retaining a qualified and diverse workforce by examining and developing more competitive employment packages; and engage in intentional collaboration with various governmnet partners in an effort to achieve the most efficient and effective delivery of government services, and reach a decision on the future of combined 911 dispatching.

“In 2018, we made great strides in meeting the goals we set for ourselves and fulfilling commitments we made to Springfield residents through the levy,” said Heck. “In 2019 and 2020, we’ll continue housing and neighborhood development with deliberate focus on areas we can substantively impact, we’ll move forward with the Neighborhood Street Paving Program, and we’ll continue to promote the community’s business and industrial parks sites.”

Heck said that the City will build on its work to support public safety programs and collaboratively explore best practices in alternative energy sources including options to re-use vacant areas. The City is uniquely positioned for success through partnerships with area businesses and organizations and its anchor institutions, said Heck.

“We have reached this point through strong partnerships and a focus on shared goals. Continued collaboration will help us continue to build a brighter future for our community,” he said.

Commission is also expected to vote on a measure to adopt a Vacant Property Registry. The proposal will facilitate improved communication between the City and vacant property owners, and will safeguard the work of first responders and public safety officials.

The Springfield City Commission meets in the City Hall Forum at 7 p.m.

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