Dates Announced for 2019 Bagged Leaf Pickup

SPRINGFIELD (September 30, 2019) ─ The City of Springfield will provide bagged leaf pickup for residents on Saturday, Nov. 16, and Saturday, Dec. 7.

“We are pleased to offer this program to our residents,” said Service Department Director Chris Moore. “Keeping leaves out of our sewer system benefits everyone in the community, and it is important that the City provide citizens with a means to properly dispose of the leaves they collect.”

Residents may use the paper or plastic bag of their choice, prepaid yard waste disposal bags are not required. Bags should only contain leaves; yard waste will not be collected. Bags may be placed at the curb up to three days prior to the pickup date and must be at the curb by 6 a.m. the morning of the pickup.

As leaves begin to fall, they can clog storm drains in streets and parking lots. Springfield City Service Department crews make an effort to clean storm drains in known trouble spots and highly-traveled areas.

Residents can help by not blowing grass and leaves into the streets, gutters, or storm drains, and by participating in the leaf pickup program.

If you have any questions regarding the leaf pickup, please contact the Service Department at 937-525- 5800. For more information about the City of Springfield, visit

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