Are there restrictions on putting up a fence?

Fences may be built on private property, as long as they meet certain height and setback requirements. A building/fence permit is not required when constructing a fence. Fence standards apply to fences and screens of all types whether open, solid, wood, metal, wire, masonry or other material. Fences up to four feet tall can be constructed in the front building setbacks. Fences up to eight feet tall may be constructed in the side and rear building setbacks. Fences that are more than 10% solid (typical types of fence which are 10% solid or less are chain link, wire mesh or split rail) and taller than 2.5 feet, must be built to provide visibility triangles at street intersection, alleys and driveways. Barbed wire and electric fences are not permitted in residential districts.  Corner lots may have additional requirements, call the Planning and Zoning Division at (937) 324-7674 for more information.

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