How do I file charges?

A law enforcement officer who makes an arrest or investigates a crime files most charges. Charges may also be filed directly through the City Prosecutor’s Office in limited circumstances by obtaining a citizen complaint packet from the office. Citizen complaint packets require that a police report be made and a copy of the police report attached to the completed packet. A prosecutor will then review the completed packet for possible charges. For passing bad check complaints, a copy of the City Prosecutor’s Office Bad Check Policy and Bad Check Checklist are available at the office. Charges for passing bad checks may be filed directly through the City Prosecutor’s Office without the necessity of contacting the police provided the requirements of the bad check policy and checklist are satisfied.

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Who is required to file Springfield income tax returns?

All residents of Springfield that are 18 or older are required to file a return each year. If you became 18 years of age during the year, you must file a pay on the amount of wages you earned after your 18th birthday. All non-residents are required to file if they performed work or services within the city and had earnings which were not withheld upon. Additionally, each business located or performing services within the city is required to file. Returns are required with no regard for the amount of income received or losses incurred.

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