How do I get a protection order?

Temporary Protection Orders (TPOs) may be obtained for the victim of certain offenses where charges are actively filed with the court or there is an active warrant filed for the perpetrator’s arrest by a law enforcement officer. You can contact the City Prosecutor’s Office to find out if you are eligible to request a TPO. If you are eligible to request a TPO, the Prosecutor’s Office can assist you in obtaining one. Civil Protection Orders (CPOs) generally do not require that a charge be actively filed or that there be an outstanding warrant for the perpetrator’s arrest in order to request a CPO. CPOs can be requested through the Clark County Common Pleas Court. The Prosecutor’s Office, however, cannot assist or advocate for you in obtaining a CPO. You would need to either represent yourself in obtaining a CPO or retain the service of an attorney to represent you in doing so.

Many times the question is asked:  “Why isn’t my case a felony?”   Answer:  Whether a charge is a felony or misdemeanor is determined by state or local law and depends on the facts of each case. If your case is filed as a felony, it will be handled through the Clark County Prosecutor’s Office. The Clark County Prosecutor’s Office can be reached at (937) 521-1770. The City Prosecutor’s Office handles only misdemeanor level criminal and traffic cases.


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