About the Global Education and Peace Network

The Global Education and Peace Network began when a small group of committed Springfield citizens decided that they needed to “do something” in response to the events of September 11, 2001. The Fourteenth Annual Global Education Calendar and Speaker Series is the fruit of that labor. The Global Education Series provides an opportunity for our community to be exposed to other ethnic groups, cultures and religions as a way of increasing understanding and therefore, respect for those who are different from us.

Please join us for the monthly Global Education Speaker Series and help us build bridges within our own global community. The members of the Global Education and Peace Network are: Ms. Samina Ahmed, Ms. Cheryl Berry, Ms. Mary Brandstetter, Ms. Cheryl DeGroat Dover, Ms. Nancy Flinchbaugh, Mr. Jerry Laub, Ms. Vinita Khanna, Ms. Winkie Mitchell, Dr. Akber Mohammed, Ms. Farhana Rauf, and Ms. Jagdish Singh. New members of the Global Education and Peace Network are always welcome. How can you become a member? Feel free to contact Nancy Flinchbaugh at (937) 324-7696.

Since 2001, the Global Education and Peace Network has provided a forum for intercultural understanding. The network includes people from many different cultural traditions, and so our presenters are not representing the network’s views, but rather their own personal and cultural views. Our goal is to create an environment of respect where we can learn from each other and build bridges of understanding. Many times the viewpoints we hear differ from our own cultural and religious viewpoints, and yet we try to understand, to learn and to extend the hand of friendship. In such a diverse, we believe it is very important to be able to disagree with each other and still be friends.


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