Home and Business of the Year 2018

Congratulations to all the Home of the Week winners for 2018!!  Ron & Diane Timmons, Danny & Dala DeWitt, Mark & Kathleen Eaton, Dale & Marilyn Kissell, Edward & Laurie Leventhal, Christopher & Meighan Schutte, Ben & Angela Babian, Jackie & Sharon Sheppard, Duyane & Cheryl Wells, Jack & Pam Oliver, Donald & Donna Thatcher and David & Arlene Dean.

Ben and Angela Babian, 1019 South Fountain Avenue, were selected as the Home of the Year winners for 2018!  They have received a first year 2001 CBC Shield Award and a CBC Home of the Week Award in both 2005 and 2011.

The 2018 Business of the Year Award went to Goo-Goo Express Wash located at 1411 West North Street.  Goo-Goo Express Wash earned a Business Award in 2016 and a Neighborhood Improvement Award in 2015. 

Other winners recognized were Cecil & Lime Cafe, located at 227 East Cecil Street receiving a CBC Business Award.  This business is a previous winner of the CBC Neighborhood Improvement Award and has added additional landscaped parking and other beautification touches.   Also presented a Business Award was Jackson, Lytle & Lewis Life Celebration Center, located at 2425 North Limestone Street.  The Springfield Award Program recently honored Executive Director Frank Lewis with a 2018 Best of Springfield Award in the Funeral Directors Category.  The CBC Continuing Beautification Award was presented for the Assurant Specialty Property, located at One Assurant Way, off East Leffel Lane.  The award was presented to the former 2010 Business of the Year winner in recognition of outstanding and continued beautification efforts on a year round basis.





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