Temporary 0.4% Earned Income Tax on November 8 Ballot

The Springfield City Commission unanimously voted on Tuesday, July 19 to place a Temporary 0.4 percent earned income tax on the November 8, 2016 ballot.   This five-year temporary earned income tax will allow the city to focus on safety, streets and creating an environment that attracts needed jobs to Springfield.

If the temporary earned income tax passes, the city will restore the Neighborhood Street Paving Program, add a special police task force to target violent crime and the heroin epidemic, and invest in much-needed equipment. The passage of the levy will also allow the City to keep the Johnny Lytle Police Station and Fire Station #5 open.

The passage of the temporary earned income tax will allow the city to cover the $1 million annual shortfall, add funding for public safety services and street programs and begin to rebuild the depleted rainy day fund. It will also allow the city to continue its Springfield Strong Economic Recovery Initiative to retain current businesses and attract new businesses to the community, which will expand the tax base and create more jobs for residents.

“The city is dedicated to providing our residents with all the necessary information about this issue so that they are fully prepared to vote in November,” said Mayor Warren Copeland. “This is an important decision that will affect everyone who lives in Springfield, so it is our priority to ensure that everyone knows the facts about this five-year, temporary earned income tax issue.”

However, if it fails, cuts will be made to police, fire and EMS services, and our streets will continue to deteriorate. Also, National Trails Parks and Recreation District funding will be greatly reduced, impacting their ability to provide recreational amenities and opportunities to our community.

“Over the past five years, the state of Ohio has cut millions of dollars in funding to our city annually,” Bodenmiller said. “Street restoration projects have been postponed, and staffing and service levels have been cut. However, the city is still short $6.65 million in revenue needed to provide the necessary services and investment to make Springfield strong.”

For more information about this temporary earned income tax, visit Springfield Strong.

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