Ohio EPA Changes Rules on Boil Notices

SPRINGFIELD, OH (Jan. 9, 2019) — Springfield residents will receive fewer boil water notices, as a
result of Ohio EPA rules that went into effect November 1, 2018.

The City of Springfield is no longer required to issue boil water notices to residents when routine repairs
to water lines cause a disruption in service, said Leslie McDermott, Utilities Program Coordinator, City of
Springfield. Instead, customers will receive a water disruption notification, which explains that the repair
work could cause discolored water or potentially increase lead levels in drinking water. To reduce lead
exposure, the notice reminds customers to run the tap until there is a noticeable temperature drop. Then
run water for an additional 30 seconds to three minutes before using it for drinking and cooking.

“We follow very closely the requirements for water line repairs, for the safety and convenience of our
customers,” said McDermott. “This rule makes good sense. When there is no risk of contamination, there
is no reason for customers to boil their water. The new rule maintains the safety of our residents’ drinking
water while minimizing inconvenience to the customer.”

Prior to the rule, boil notices were distributed to affected customers whenever the system pressure
dropped below 20 pounds per square inch (psi) during repairs. The city will continue to issue boil water
notices if there is possible or actual contamination.

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