Police Division Recruitment

About the Recruitment Process

The Springfield Police Division accepts new recruits in two ways: Lateral Entry and Civil Service Entry. If you hold a current Ohio Peace Officer Training Certificate and are currently employed by an approved law enforcement agency, you may qualify for the lateral entry process. If you do not have a current Ohio Peace Officers Training Certificate and are not currently employed by an approved law enforcement agency, you must go through a civil service exam.


Applicants must possess the ability to work with a substantial element of personal risk and exercise sound independent judgment; the ability to use interpersonal skills to manage conflicts; the ability to be trained to use firearms and other weapons; the ability to cope with situations firmly, courteously, and tactfully with respect to the rights of others; the ability to write complete and accurate reports; and the ability to withstand accident and violent situations while maintaining stability of performance.

  • Must be 20 years of age at the time application is filed.  Must be 21 years old on or before the day of completion of police academy training, or at time of appointment if the applicant is already a certified Ohio peace officer.  Must not have reached one’s 35th birthday by the date of the original appointment to the position of Springfield Police Officer, unless the applicant is a previously commissioned law enforcement officer from another law enforcement agency in the state of Ohio.
  • High School Graduate or equivalent.
  • Eyesight: 20/20 corrected.
  • Weight in proportion to height.
  • Must possess the physical ability to perform consistently and promptly to all duties of the position.

Special Requirements of Work:

  • All employees of the Police Division must reside within a radius of 130 North Fountain Street to the furthest adjacent County as outline in the job announcement PDF.
  • Must hold a valid, unrestricted Ohio Driver’s license.
  • Must complete: Ohio Peace Officer Training (17 weeks).
  • In-house training (8 weeks).
  • Field training (13 weeks).
  • Must become licensed by the Department of Health to administer Blood Alcohol Tests.
  • Must maintain other certifications as required.
  • 40 hour work week including nights, weekends and holidays on an assigned shift and on demand.

How to Apply


*You can email your contact information to sleinasars@springfieldohio.gov to be placed on a notification list for the next application period

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