Requirements for Construction Industry

What does the construction industry have to do?

If your project disturbs one or more acres of ground, you must get a permit to discharge stormwater from your site. If your project disturbs less than one acre but is part of a larger plan of development or sale, you also need a permit to discharge stormwater from the site. You must also put in place post construction best management practices to reduce peak runoff rates coming off your project site.

How do I get a permit?

Most sites may get permit coverage under the general permit for discharge of storm water associated with construction activity. To get permit coverage, follow these steps, in order:

  1. Develop a Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plan (SWP3) for the construction site.
  2. Submit a Notice of Intent (NOI) requesting coverage for your discharges under the general permit.
  3. Wait until you receive the Ohio EPA approval letter stating that you are covered under the general permit.
  4. Ensure that contractors, subcontractors, and staff understand their roles in carrying out the SWP3.
  5. Implement the SWP3.
  6. Proceed with construction, including regular maintenance and inspection of sediment and erosion controls and storm water management facilities.

Where can I Learn about Construction and Post Construction BMPs?

Ohio’s Rainwater and Land Development Manual details the steps you need to take during each phase of construction to protect water quality. It also explains the purpose and use of several common and new best management practices.

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