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The Springfield Mediation Service (SMS) was developed by the city’s Department of Community Development. A 1991 City ordinance formally established the SMS to “provide Springfield residents with collaborative processes as a means to resolving their disputes.” In three years of service to the community, the Springfield Mediation Service has developed an excellent track record of successful mediations and conciliations.

Why Mediate?

Conflict is and inevitable part of life for all of us. When we have disputes with others, our quality of life is affected. Mediation gives us a chance to deal directly with the other person, resolve issues and often restore broken relationships. It is a free and confidential way to prevent escalation of conflict.

What Types of Disputes are Handled?

  • Neighbor to Neighbor
  • Neighborhood parking and boundaries
  • Animal nuisance
  • Disturbing the peace
  • Other issues as appropriate

When and Where are mediations held?

Most mediation sessions are held on Saturday mornings or afternoon. Sessions may also be arranged on weekday or weeknights, if necessary. These sessions are usually held in neutral, community buildings and churches throughout Springfield. Attempts will be made to find convenient locations for all parties.


Mrs. Nancy Flinchbaugh

(937) 324-7696

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