Minority Business

Minority Business Certification

Certification of Minority/Female owned businesses for City sponsored contracting opportunities. Assists with DBE certification for Ohio Department of Transportation and State HUB’s and MBE’s certification. Certification Packet


To register a business contact the Department of Community Development at (937) 324-7379 or visit the department in person on the second floor of City Hall located at 76 East High Street.

Registered companies can receive assistance with writing a business plan. The Minority Business Development office can also arrange and explore ways of financing a new or existing business.

Affirmative Action Plans

Review and approve Affirmative Action Plans for City sponsored contracting opportunities for Equal Employment Opportunities.


Assist companies with contracting opportunities for Minority, Female and Disadvantaged businesses through City sponsored projects.

DBE Certifications and Resources

Various Disadvantaged Business Enterprise Certification and Resources

The Minority Business Enterprise (MBE) and Encouraging Diversity, Growth & Equity (EDGE) Unit has the responsibility for implementing the State of Ohio’s minority business set-aside program. This includes certifying minority businesses thereby making them eligible to participate in the state’s set aside program, as well as assisting state agencies with the selection of set aside contracts, maintaining a list of certified minority business enterprises, monitoring program compliance, and conducting research and reporting. Call (614) 466-8380 or click here.

Business Start-Up kit from the State of Ohio Department of Development One stop Business Permit Center call 1-800-248-4040.

State of Ohio Department of Development Minority Business Programs call 1-800-848-1300.

Minority Business Centers (MBAC)

Frequently Asked
How does the City of Springfield handle Affirmative Action Programs? - The Affirmative Action Program reviews and approves affirmative action plans for City sponsored contracting (exceeding $10,000.00) and Equal Employment Opportunities. Each prospective contractor bidding on a city contract shall be required to submit with his/her bid a written affirmative action program. Private corporations, firms, or persons receiving tax abatement or tax credit development incentives from the city shall submit a written affirmative action plan to the Contracts Compliance Officer. This person can be contacted by phone at 324-7379 or visited in person on the second floor in City Hall, located at 76 East High Street.
What is the Minority Business/Disadvantaged Business, and Contracts Compliance Office - The City of Springfield, Department of Community Development provides services to Minority/Female and Disadvantage owned businesses through its Minority Business Office. You may contact the office at 324-7379. Various services provided by this office include the Minority/Female/Disadvantaged and Historically Underutilized Business Enterprises Certification. This is the certification of Minority or female owned business for City sponsored contracting opportunities. This office assists with DBE certification for the Ohio Department of Transportation and the State HUBs and MBEs certification.
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Ms. Cheryl Dover

Minority Business Development Coordinator

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