Street Paving/Repair Update 10/8/18

Surface asphalt is completed on these streets. Traffic markings and detector loop installation currently being scheduled.

  • Dunhollow
  • Roscommon (Limestone to 420 Roscommon)
  • Kensington (Fountain to Limestone)
  • Englewood (Fountain to Limestone)
  • Fountain (Harding to Fifth)
  • College (Fountain to Limestone)
  • Broadway (Bechtle to Western)


Work on these streets are complete.

  • Cedarview (s) and Juniper (all north of Mitchell Blvd)


Manhole replacements on both streets and curb ramps on Race at Cedar are complete. Surface asphalt on both Race and Clairmont is scheduled between 10/12 and 10/20 (exact dates to be determined.)

  • Race (North to dead-end north of Rubsam)
  • Clairmont (Lexington to Sheridan)


Concrete work will continue on Dibert, Farnam and Jackson. Pulverization/stabilization for these streets is scheduled to begin the week of 10/22/18 with 1st lift of asphalt and manhole casting replacements to immediately follow.

  • Dibert (Yellow Springs to Farnam)
  • Farnam (Dibert to Innisfallen)
  • Jackson (Dibert to State)


Street Report for the Week of October 1, 2018 – No Change

Street Report (10.1.18)

Construction has begun on Middle Urbana Road. Northbound traffic will be maintained throughout the project.

  • Middle Urbana Road

Anticipated Completion Date: November 16, 2018


Sidewalk / Utility Work Locations:

Clairmont Avenue – Sterling Quality Concrete

Dibert Avenue  – Sterling Quality Concrete

Farnam Street – Sterling Quality Concrete

Pleasant Street and Dayton Road Area – Columbia Gas

Shawnee Boulevard – north of Home Road – Columbia Gas

Clairmont, between Lexington and Elmwood – Columbia Gas

Linden Avenue Neighborhood – mostly south of Grand Avenue – Columbia Gas

Fountain Neighborhood – from Limestone Street, west to Center Street – Columbia Gas

Anticipated Completion Date: October 12, 2018


Additional Road Closures (county projects)     Clark County Road Closures

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