Can I connect to city water and sewer?

First contact the Service Department at 937-525-5800 to determine if water and sewer are available in your area. You may be required to pay a connection fee and obtain a permit to work in right of way. Work done on private property may require a plumbing permit from the Clark County Combined Health District.

Are there restrictions on the storage of recreational vehicles on residential property?

Yes. In residential districts, special vehicles-vehicles more than seven and one-half (7 1/2) feet in height or more than twenty (20) feet in length which is or may be transported or drawn upon a highway, street or body of water-may be stored on a well maintained gravel pad in the rear yard that is a minimum of five (5) feet from side and rear yard property lines. Such vehicles include but are not limited to a truck, trailer, tractor, wagon, or watercraft exceeding these dimensions. Such vehicles do not include temporary construction trailers when associated with an active construction project on the premises. A space used for storage of a special vehicle is to be at least equal in size to the outer perimeter of the special vehicle.