What is the Minority Business/Disadvantaged Business, and Contracts Compliance Office

The City of Springfield, Department of Community Development provides services to Minority/Female and Disadvantage owned businesses through its Minority Business Office. You may contact the office at 324-7379.

Various services provided by this office include the Minority/Female/Disadvantaged and Historically Underutilized Business Enterprises Certification. This is the certification of Minority or female owned business for City sponsored contracting opportunities. This office assists with DBE certification for the Ohio Department of Transportation and the State HUBs and MBEs certification.

Can a City code enforcement officer enter onto my property with or without my permission?

An officer/inspector may conduct an inspection from a location where they are legally entitled to be such as the public sidewalk, streets and alleys. An officer/inspector may enter onto private property to deliver notices or orders in connection to the enforcement of City ordinances. Officers/Inspectors may not enter the interior of a property without the owner’s consent.