Traffic Signal Painting


The City of Springfield Service Department is responsible for over 130 traffic signals throughout the city.  This year the city contracted with Superior Painting & Restoration of Urbana, Ohio to power wash and paint the signal supports located at the following intersections:

  • Lexington & Burnett
  • Selma & Linden
  • Selma & Tibbetts
  • Warren & Limestone
  • Limestone & Harding
  • Saint Paris & Harding
  • East & Harrison
  • James & Belmont

In addition to improving aesthetics, painting protects and preserves the steel signal supports from weather, road salt, and sun damage.

Many of Springfield’s signal supports are green in color, but they are being painted black using polyurethane because it shows less dirt, hides imperfections, and makes paint touch up easier.

Citizens can help preserve our infrastructure by not placing signs on signal poles, traffic boxes, and street lights.  Strong adhesives can remove paint, leaving the bare steel open to the environment.

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