Economic Development

The City of Springfield Economic Development Team, working closely with the City Commission, has authority to utilize various state and local incentives in an attempt to create jobs, retain current industries, and recruit companies to Springfield. The Economic Development Department is located in the City Manager’s Office to ensure continuous communication between the City Administration and the City Commission on important economic issues facing the City.

The Economic Development Office is responsible for several development related functions including business recruitment and development. The office oversees the administration of City financing programs, incentive programs, new business attraction, general project / client management, marketing of the city’s business parks and airport, business retention and expansion efforts, annexation and special projects as assigned by the City Manager.

Financing and Incentives

The City of Springfield provides a variety of incentives to businesses considering major investments of human and financial capital. Most programs aim to reduce expenses related to taxes, financing, and/or fees.

Financing and Rate Reduction Programs

Tax Abatement and Credit Programs

Special Program and Incentives

For more information about these programs please contact either Tom Franzen or Bryan Heck at (937) 324-7300.

Licenses & Permits


In order to work within the City you must obtain a Contractor’s License.

Work Categories:

  • General
  • Electrical
  • HVAC
  • Fire Detection/ Supression
  • Gas Piping Installation

Note: No electrical, HVAC, or Fire Detection/Supression contractor registration shall be issued to any applicant submits proof of a license/certificate issued by the Ohio Construction Industry Examining Board (OCIEB) or a current State certificate. (Call (614) 644-3493 for information on state examinations.) No gas piping installation contractor registration shall be issued to any applicant until the applicant submits proof of a current State of Ohio Plumbing license or current D.O.T. Operator Qualification Series Certificate.

Building Permits

A permit is not required for routine maintenance work or cosmetic improvements such as carpet, painting, vinyl siding, replacement of cabinets, replacement of same-size windows, residential storage buildings under 120 square feet in size, fences, etc.

Note: Fences must meet  zoning restrictions (Part 11, Chapter 1156) regarding height and placement.

A permit is required for new construction, demolition and any alteration, addition, repair or renovation beyond basic cosmetic improvements. Separate permits are required for any work in the following areas: building (including reroofing), heating-ventilation-air conditioning, electrical, demolition, fire detection and suppression, signs, plumbing, swimming pools over 36 inches deep or moving a building. Failure to obtain the proper permits can result in financial penalties and/or orders to remove unauthorized construction work or installations.

Business and Industrial Parks
The City of Springfield offers sites for commercial and industrial users at several parks located in Springfield. Information below includes business and technology parks, as well as requirements for commercial and residential construction within the City limits.

Business Parks

Downtown Property

For available sites contact either Bryan Heck or Tom Franzen at (937) 324-7300.

Related Services and Information:

Starting a Business
The City of Springfield realizes the many benefits of helping small businesses grow and prosper. In this effort, the City provides substantial funding to the Small Business Development Center (SBDC), which is located at 100 S. Limestone Street, Suite 411, Springfield, Ohio.  Contact the SBDC at (937) 322-7821.

The Small Business Development Center (SBDC) has been an advocate and resource for small businesses throughout the Springfield area since 1984. The SBDC helps inspiring and existing small business owners build vibrant and thriving business enterprises by offering expert consultation, facility rental and assistance in the acquisition of capital and financing.

Related Services

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