Pouring Concrete for Curb Ramps for the Burnett Road Reconstruction

Little Miami Trail Extension

Lowry Bridge deck coming down

2016 Miscellaneous Sanitary Sewer Lining in progress

2016 Miscellaneous Water and Sewer Replacement is underway

Engineering Department

The Engineering Department provides planning services that preserve the health, safety, and welfare of the community through the application of plans, codes, and ordinances for the City’s best uses of resources and development.

Street Report

For the Week of September 19, 2016

street report 9-19-16

Willard Avenue:

Willard Avenue, north of Sheridan Avenue is closed to thru traffic. This is necessary for the replacement of the sanitary sewer line.

Anticipated Completion Date: November 10, 2016


Lowry Avenue:

Construction has begun on Lowry Bridge. A detour is posted on Lowry Avenue for both the bridge and the bike tail. The bridge will be closed to traffic for 120 days.

Anticipated Completion Date: November 11, 2016


Sidewalk and Columbia Gas Work Locations:

Burnett Ave. – between Main and High (Sterling)

First & Second Street – between Limestone and Fountain (A & B)

Fountain Avenue – (Fishel)

Intersection of Clark and Center – (Fishel)

Intersection of McCreight Avenue and Fountain Ave. – (NPL)

Light Street – north of Columbia (Fishel)

Limestone Street – north of McCreight (A & B)

McCreight Ave. – between Limestone and Fountain (A & B)

McCreight Ave. – between Fountain and Woodlawn (A & B)

Ridgewood Neighborhood (Fishel)

Anticipated Completion Date: September 23, 2016


Additional Road Closures (county projects)     Clark County Road Closures









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Projects Under Construction

2016 Miscellaneous Water and Sewer Replacement


Crews will replace the water and sanitary sewer line on Grand Avenue, between East Street and Tibbetts Avenue. In addition, the roadway will be resurfaced. Also, the sanitary sewer line on Willard Avenue, north of Sheridan Avenue will be replaced. Contractors crews are currently on Willard. The contractor for this project is J & J Schlaegel, Inc. Roads will be closed except to local traffic.

Funded by City Water and City Sewer funds.



This project consists of the rehabilitation of the Lowry Bridge over the Little Miami Trail with minimal bridge approach work. R. B Jergens is the contractor for this job, which started on August 1, 2016. The contractor is on site and currently working on removing the existing bridge deck and deteriorated abutment and wingwalls. Detour routes are posted for the road and the Little Miami Trail Bikeway, as this street will be closed approximately 120 days during construction.

Funded by ODOT and OPWC.


IMG_0401  IMG_0407

This project consists of shaving and paving the roadway plus miscellaneous base repair and making ADA intersection improvements on Burnett Road, from Columbus Avenue to High Street. Crews started work on Monday July 25, 2016. They have begun constructing new ADA Compliant curb ramps and sidewalks at all of the intersections along the construction zone. Traffic disruption will be minimal, but please be aware of any construction equipment entering or leaving the site.

Funded by ODOT and OPWC.



 img_0058  IMG_0397  IMG_0399

Inland Water Pollution Control is continuing the process of lining sewers at selected locations. Crews have completed cleaning sewers and have begun liners. Over the next few weeks,  “No Parking” may be placed at different locations as they move through town to allow for equipment and materials access to the sewer mains.

Funding from the sewer division.


Little Miami Trail

Little Miami Trail is open!

Funding for this project was provided by ODOT and ODNR, no City funds were involved.

CSO Backwater Valve Project

This project consists of placing flexible backwater flow control valves at various locations along Buck Creek to control the flow of water from the stream into the City’s sewer system during times of high flow in the stream. Locations for this project are at sewer outfalls near Water Street. This project shall begin later this summer/early fall. The J & J Schlaegel Company from Urbana will be the contractor for this project.

Erie Interceptor Express Sewer

This project is a major improvement to the wastewater collection system. Its primary purpose is to transport sanitary flows from the northwestern part of the city directly to the Wastewater Treatment Plant in order to prevent sewage from bypassing treatment during rain events. Included in the project is the rehabilitation of a portion of the existing High Level Interceptor sewer, which was constructed over 100 years ago. Kokosing Industrial will be the contractor and construction is to begin soon!


  • 2016 PI Paving – This project consists of pulverizing, pavement repair, planing, and curb ramp installation at various location within the City limits. Streets to include McKinley Avenue and Lexington Avenue. The alternate bid covers Lowry Avenue. The Shelly Company will be the contractor for this project.
  • Springfield Beckley Municipal Airport – Construct New Hangars & Taxilanes – Funding from State of Ohio and Port of Authority. Arcon Builders, LTD will be the contractor on this job.
  • Springfield-Beckley Municipal Airport – Final Denial Barriers @ the Entry Control Point – Funding from the Guard. The contractor for this will be Calvary Contracting,


Part 9 - Streets, Utilities, and Public Services Code
Frequently Asked
How do I get a handicap parking space in front of my house? - Please contact the Engineering Department at (937) 324-7313 to inquire about this application process.
Can I connect to city water and sewer? - First contact the Service Department at 937-525-5800 to determine if water and sewer are available in your area. You may be required to pay a connection fee and obtain a permit to work in right of way. Work done on private property may require a plumbing permit from the Clark County Combined Health District.
Who is responsible for maintaining the sidewalk, curb, and gutter around my property? - The property owner is responsible. Per Chapter 903.11 of the Codified Ordinances, every owner of any lot or parcel of land in the City shall keep the sidewalks, curbing, gutters, and driveways in the public right of way in front of and abutting upon such lot or parcel of land constantly in good repair and free from nuisances.
Where can I file a complaint against a contractor? - You may contact the City of Springfield, Community Development Department, Division of Building Regulations at (937) 324-7388 or visit 76 E. High St., 2nd Floor of City Hall, Building Regulations Counter.
Where do you make a complaint regarding debris on the street? - Contact the Code Enforcement Division at (937) 324-7385.
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