The Engineering Department provides planning services that preserve the health, safety, and welfare of the community through the application of plans, codes, and ordinances for the City’s best uses of resources and development.

Sewer lining locations

Monday – 10/22/18 – N. Race St. – North St. to Cedar St. AND College Ave. at Fountain Ave.

Tuesday – 10/23/18 – N. Race St. – Cedar St. to Rubsam St.

Wednesday – 10/24/18 – College Ave. – Fountain Ave. to Limestone St.

Bid Tabulations / Awards

Award Information


Bid Tabulations


Curb, Gutter & Sidewalk Specifications

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Construction Specifications and Standard Drawings

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Construction Specifications


Standard Drawings


Project Award Information
Street Report


Street Report – PI PAVING 10.22.18


Roscommon (Limestone to 420 Roscommon)

Kensington (Fountain to Limestone)

Englewood (Fountain to Limestone)

Fountain (Harding to Fifth)

College (Fountain to Limestone)

Broadway (Bechtle to Western)

Surface asphalt is completed on these streets. Traffic markings and detector loop installation currently being scheduled.


Cedarview (s) and Juniper (all north of Mitchell Blvd)

Work on these streets are complete.


Race (North to dead-end north of Rubsam)

Clairmont (Lexington to Sheridan)

Manhole replacements on both streets and curb ramps on Race at Cedar are complete. Surface asphalt on both Race and Clairmont is scheduled between 10/12 and 10/20 (exact dates to be determined.)


Dibert (Yellow Springs to Farnam)

Farnam (Dibert to Innisfallen)

Jackson (Dibert to State)

Concrete work will continue on Dibert, Farnam and Jackson. Pulverization/stabilization for these streets is scheduled to begin the week of 10/22/18 with 1st lift of asphalt and manhole casting replacements to immediately follow.

Street Report for the Week of October 22, 2018

Street Report 10.22.18

Middle Urbana Road:

Construction continues on Middle Urbana Road. Northbound traffic will be maintained throughout the project.

Anticipated Completion Date: November 16, 2018


Sidewalk / Utility Work Locations:

North Street (north side of the road from the bottom of the Lagonda bridge, west to Limestone) – Sterling Quality Concrete

Clairmont (south of Lexington) – Fishel

Linden Avenue Neighborhood – mostly south of Grand Avenue – C & S

Fountain Neighborhood – from Limestone Street, west to Center Street – A & B Asphalt

Anticipated Completion Date: October 26, 2018




Additional Road Closures (county projects)     Clark County Road Closures


Permit Applications

Permit Applications

Please Note: Public Right of Way Application can be submitted the following ways:

  1. Download, print and complete the application. Turn in the completed application, with all required documentation , in person, Engineering Department, 2nd Floor, City Hall, 76 E. High Street, Springfield, OH 45502.
  2. Download, print and complete the application. Return to the Engineering Department by email to or by mail to the City of Springfield, Engineering Department, 76 E. High Street, Springfield, OH 45502.
  3. Download ‘fillable’ PDF form to your desktop and complete. Then, using the ‘Submit’ button, return electronically.

After the application has been received, you will be notified of revisions or amount of payment.

Helpful Resources
Projects Under Construction


Buck Creek Trail Realignment Project

This project consists of realigning a portion of the Buck Creek Trail in the City. Project was awarded to J & J Schlaegel, Inc. in the amount of $274,466.08.

Funded by City, Sewer and Clean Ohio.

CLA – Middle Urbana Rehab, PID 94768

This project involves the widening, partial full depth reclamation and overlay of Middle Urbana Road from an existing two lane highway with shared two way left turn lane. Work includes pavement widening, minor drainage improvements, sanitary and water upgrades and ditch grading along Middle Urbana Road, between Villa Road and S.R. 334. This project was awarded to J & J Schlaegel, Inc. in the amount of $1,394,613.15.

Funded by ODOT, OPWC, City Water & City Sewer.

2018 Sidewalk, Curb & Gutter Program

The contractor for this work is Sterling Quality Concrete, LLC. They will be doing concrete work on sidewalks, curbs and gutter within the city right-of-ways. This work will be performed on street sections, which are the responsibility of the City, and on sections where property owners have received notice to replace concrete work but have failed to do so within the 45-day period of time allotted for the property owner to perform this work. Project award amount was $260,300.00. Streets that are included in Section No. 1 of the program are:

  • Jackson Street – State Street to Dibert Avenue
  • Farnam Street – Dibert Avenue to Innisfallen Avenue
  • Dibert Avenue – Farnam Street to Yellow Springs Street
  • Kensington Place – Fountain Avenue to Limestone Street
  • Kensington Place – Fountain Avenue to Limestone Street
  • Englewood Road – Fountain Avenue to Limestone Street
  • Race Street – North Street to end, N of Rubsam Street
  • Broadway Street – Bechtle Avenue to Western Avenue
  • College Avenue – Limestone Street to Fountain Avenue
  • Clairmont Avenue – Sheridan Avenue to Lexington Avenue

Section No. 2 streets of the program are: US 40 – N. Limestone Street to Lagonda Overpass (West Bound)

CLA – US 40-16.82, PID 103791  – Rebid 

This project consists of replacing the spanwire traffic signal supports with mast arms to add 5-section signal heads and add backplates to all traffic signal heads at the intersection of Bird Road and Route 40.  U.S. Utility Contractor is the contractor on the project. Cost of the project is $233,818.34 and the anticipated completion date is November 2, 2018.

Funded by ODOT.

2018 PI Paving 

Construction has begun. (See Street Closing Report for current streets where work is taking place.) This project will be taking place on N. Kensington Place, S. Kensington Place, Englewood Road, N. Race Street, Broadway Street, E. College Avenue, S. Clairmont Avenue, Dibert Avenue, Farnam Street, Jackson Street, Roscommon Drive, Dunhollow Drive, Cedarview Drive and Juniper Street. The proposed work consists of the following:

  • Pavement repair, pulverizing and resurfacing various roadways within the city limits.
  • Curb ramp installation
  • Storm Sewer installation on Kensington Avenue

The contractor for this project is The Shelly Company with a bid amount of $1,476,481.47.

Funded by ODOT, OPWC, City Water & City Sewer.

2018 Miscellaneous Sanitary Sewer Lining 

This project consists of:

  • Rehabilitation of approximately 375 vertical feet of manhole utilizing spray applied monolithic liner.
  • Cleaning and Rehabilitation of approximately 5,512 linear feet of existing sanitary sewer by cured in place plastic pipe (CIPP)

The locations where the lining will be taking place are: S Jackson St – W State St to Innisfallen Ave; S Clairmont Ave – Sheridan Ave to Van Buren Ave; S Clairmont Ave – Van Buren Ave to Lexington Ave; Lexington Ave – S Douglas Ave to S Clairmont Ave; Lexington Ave – Raffensperger Ave to S Clairmont Ave; Lexington Ave – Buxton Ave to Raffensperger Ave; Lexington Ave – Burnett Rd to Willow Dr; Lexington Ave – S Belmont Ave to S Douglas Ave; and N Market St – S Center St to S Fountain Ave. Anticipated completion date is scheduled for November 30, 2018. The contractor on this job is Insituform Technologies, LLC. with an award amount of $343,494.00.

Funding provided by City Sewer funds.

CLA – Bechtle – 0.57, PID 99563

This project consists of bridge rehabilitation on Bechtle Avenue over Snyder Park Road and Lagoons by replacing the superstructure with minimal approach work. Bid opening was held on  Friday, August 31, 2018 at 12:00 pm. – apparent low bidder is Eagle Bridge Company with a bid amount of $1,409,565.61.


CLA – Belmont Ave, Phase 2 – CLEARING, PID 94814 – This project consists of removing trees for the upcoming Belmont Ave, Phase 2 project. Bid opening is scheduled for 11/9/18.

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