Erie Interceptor Express Sewer

Pump station wall being formed for Erie Interceptor Express Sewer

Aerial view of Erie Interceptor Express Sewer

Setting Grit Manhole at Pump Station for Erie Interceptor Express Sewer

Engineering Department

The Engineering Department provides planning services that preserve the health, safety, and welfare of the community through the application of plans, codes, and ordinances for the City’s best uses of resources and development.

Street Report

For the Week of July 24, 2017

Street Report 7.24.17

Fountain Avenue:

The Norfolk Southern railroad crossing will be closed at S. Fountain Avenue, just south of High Street, from July 20 through July 28, 2017 for roadway and tie repair. A detour will be posted.

Anticipated Completion Date: Friday, July 28, 2017

Main Street:

The Norfolk Southern railroad crossing will be closed at W. Main Street, near Walter Street, from July 20 thru July 28 for roadway and tie repair. A detour will be posted utilizing Bechtle Avenue.

Anticipated Completion Date: Friday, July 28, 2017

Villa Road:

Construction on the widening of Villa Road from Red Coach to Derr Road continues. Traffic will be maintained westbound from Derr Road to Red Coach Drive and a detour will be placed for eastbound traffic from Urbana Road to Derr Road. Eastbound local traffic only will be maintained from Urbana Road to Red Coach Drive The detour will be SR 72 (Urbana Road) to eastbound on Home Road to northbound on Derr Road.

Anticipated Completion Date: October 26, 2017


Sidewalk & Columbia Gas Work Locations:

Center Street – Pleasant Street to North Street (Sterling Quality Concrete)

Columbia & Lowry – intermittent lane closures for Wendy’s construction

High Street – between York and East St. (Fishel / Columbia Gas)

Mound Street – between York and East St. (Fishel / Columbia Gas)

Limestone Street – south of Grand Avenue (A & B Asphalt / Columbia Gas)

Anticipated Completion Date: July 28, 2017



Additional Road Closures (county projects)     Clark County Road Closures


Permit Applications

Permit Applications

Please Note: Public Right of Way Application can be submitted the following ways:

  1. Download, print and complete the application. Turn in the completed application, with all required documentation , in person, Engineering Department, 2nd Floor, City Hall, 76 E. High Street, Springfield, OH 45502.
  2. Download, print and complete the application. Return to the Engineering Department by email to or by mail to the City of Springfield, Engineering Department, 76 E. High Street, Springfield, OH 45502.
  3. Download ‘fillable’ PDF form to your desktop and complete. Then, using the ‘Submit’ button, return electronically.

After the application has been received, you will be notified of revisions or amount of payment.

Helpful Resources
Projects Under Construction

Erie Interceptor Express Sewer


Work continues on the Erie Express Sewer Project. Several crews are working throughout the entire project. Crews are continuing to place twin 18″ force main sewer through Snyder Park. Also, crews are working on Skinner Lane and W. First Street placing bores under the roadway. Crews are also beginning the placement of 42″ gravity sewer along Skinner Lane and through the old Target parking lot. At the new lift station site, crews have begun forming and pouring the structure of the new pump station facility. No roads are closed at this time. Please be aware of construction traffic entering and exiting different areas along the construction route.

CLA – Villa Road, PID 89421


Construction is under way. This project consists of adding a center turn lane and multi-user trail between Derr Road and Red Coach Drive. Also, a new traffic signal will be installed at Red Coach Drive and Villa Road. In addition, the pavement from Red Coach Drive to Urbana Road will be shaved and paved. Contractor is currently working on the south half of the roadway, which includes widening the existing pavement between Derr Rd and Red Coach Dr. Local traffic is being maintained west bound only, through the duration of the project. Anticipated completion date is October 27th, 2017. R.B. Jergens Contractors, Inc. is the contractor on this project. Please be aware that construction traffic will be entering and exiting the work zone.

Funded by ODOT and OPWC.

2017 Sidewalk, Curb and Gutter Program

The yearly sidewalk program has been awarded to Sterling Quality Concrete.  Notification letters have been sent  notifying the property owners that need to have work done. The streets that work will be done on are East Street (High St. to Rice St.), Balsam Drive (Home Rd. to Carousel Dr.) and Center Street (Pleasant St. to North St.) Sterling Quality Concrete will be the contractor for this project.

CLA – Bechtle Signals, PID 98859

The CLA – Bechtle Signals project consists of replacing signal controllers and equipment, adding video cameras and spread spectrum radios and a signal being reconstructed. This  project is located on Bechtle Avenue at the intersection of SR41 (Troy Road). This project was awarded to Bansal Construction on June 6, 2017.

Funded by ODOT.

Ramp Expansion (Airport)

This project consists of adding a 244′ x 190′ asphalt apron at the maintenance and service operation facilities of Spectra Jet at the Springfield-Beckley Municipal Airport.

Funded by ODOT JCED Funds and Airport Funds.

CLA – East Street Recon, PID 94806

This project consists of reconstructing East Street, from High Street to Grand Avenue. ODOT will be funding 80%, with OPWC funding the remaining 20%. This project was awarded to The Shelly Company on July 5, 2017.

Funded by ODOT and OPWC.

S. Limestone Sidewalk, Curb & Gutter

Sidewalk, Curb & Gutter repair will be required of the property owners on South Limestone Street from Miller Road to Leffel Lane. Notification letters have been sent  notifying the property owners that need to have work done. This was awarded to Performance Site Development on June 6, 2017.

2017 OPWC Paving Project

This project consists of pavement repair, planing, pulverizing and resurfacing of certain areas of Balsam Drive, Center Street and East Street. Also will include curb repair and sidewalk installation. This project was awarded to The Shelly Company on July 18, 2017.

Funded by OPWC and the City.

2017 PI Paving Project

This work consists of pavement repair, planing, pulverization and resurfacing various roadways. It will also include curb ramp and sidewalk installation within the project limits. Streets in this project are Miracle Mile, Glendale Avenue and Lansdowne Avenue. The contractor for this project will be A & B Asphalt Corporation.

Funded by the City.

CLA – N. Murray / Mount Vernon, PID 99555

This work consists of installing 4″ concrete walk on N. Murray Street / Mount Vernon Avenue.  ODOT will be funding 80%  of the project. Bids were opened on July 21, 2017 and A & B Asphalt Corporation is the apparent low bidder.

Funded in part by ODOT.


CLA – Trail Maintenance, PID 99562 – This project consists of trail maintenance items such as: signs, pavement markings, pavement repair and fence repair. Monies can only be spent on trails that are on City property or in dedicated right-of-way. ODOT will be funding 80%, with the City funding the remaining 20%. Bid opening was held on June 9, 2017 – but will not be awarded at this time due to all bidders being over the Engineer’s estimate.


Part 9 - Streets, Utilities, and Public Services Code
Frequently Asked
How do I get a handicap parking space in front of my house? - Please contact the Engineering Department at (937) 324-7313 to inquire about this application process.
Can I connect to city water and sewer? - First contact the Service Department at 937-525-5800 to determine if water and sewer are available in your area. You may be required to pay a connection fee and obtain a permit to work in right of way. Work done on private property may require a plumbing permit from the Clark County Combined Health District.
Who is responsible for maintaining the sidewalk, curb, and gutter around my property? - The property owner is responsible. Per Chapter 903.11 of the Codified Ordinances, every owner of any lot or parcel of land in the City shall keep the sidewalks, curbing, gutters, and driveways in the public right of way in front of and abutting upon such lot or parcel of land constantly in good repair and free from nuisances.
Where can I file a complaint against a contractor? - You may contact the City of Springfield, Community Development Department, Division of Building Regulations at (937) 324-7388 or visit 76 E. High St., 2nd Floor of City Hall, Building Regulations Counter.
Where do you make a complaint regarding debris on the street? - Contact the Code Enforcement Division at (937) 324-7385.
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