Housing Services

Housing Services

Find resources and regulations on building, planning, zoning, and codes. Also access helpful information on code enforcement.

Housing Rehab Programs
Comprehensive Rehab Programs

Home Installment Loan – This is a ten to fifteen-year zero-interest loan. Terms are dependent on age, disability, Veteran status, and income. Staff will assist with selection of a licensed contractor to perform this work. To learn more about the Home Installment Loan Program click here.

Emergency Repairs

Examples include: furnace, gas lines, insulation, roofs, electrical, plumbing, handicapped accessible improvements, etc.

Emergency Repair Installment Loan – This is a zero-interest loan for homeowners to correct a serious health/safety or energy conservation condition as mentioned above. To learn more about the Emergency Repair Installment Loan Program click here.



Please visit the Clark County Combined Health District website or call (937)-390-5600 for information on lead paint and lead poisoning.

Special Needs Assistance

Special Needs Assistance with Housing

For Persons with Low Income

Springfield Metropolitan Housing Authority
536 North Murray Street
Springfield, OH 45503
(937) 325-7331

For Persons with Disabilities
For Victims of Domestic Violence
For Persons Who are Homeless
Additional Information
Frequently Asked
Can I connect to city water and sewer? - First contact the Service Department at 937-525-5800 to determine if water and sewer are available in your area. You may be required to pay a connection fee and obtain a permit to work in right of way. Work done on private property may require a plumbing permit from the Clark County Combined Health District.
How can the City address vacant properties in my neighborhood? - If there are property maintenance violations at a vacant property, the City will go through the regular notification process whereby the legal owner is provided notice of the violation and given a date where compliance must be reached.
Are there restrictions on the storage of recreational vehicles on residential property? - Yes. In residential districts, special vehicles-vehicles more than seven and one-half (7 1/2) feet in height or more than twenty (20) feet in length which is or may be transported or drawn upon a highway, street or body of water-may be stored on a well maintained gravel pad in the rear yard that is a minimum of five (5) feet from side and rear yard property lines. Such vehicles include but are not limited to a truck, trailer, tractor, wagon, or watercraft exceeding these dimensions. Such vehicles do not include temporary construction trailers when associated with an active construction project on the premises. A space used for storage of a special vehicle is to be at least equal in size to the outer perimeter of the special vehicle.
Where can I legally park my vehicles on my property? - Vehicles must be parked on asphalt, concrete, brick/block (permeable) pavers, grass pavers/porous pavement or pervious concrete.
Can a City code enforcement officer enter onto my property with or without my permission? - An officer/inspector may conduct an inspection from a location where they are legally entitled to be such as the public sidewalk, streets and alleys. An officer/inspector may enter onto private property to deliver notices or orders in connection to the enforcement of City ordinances. Officers/Inspectors may not enter the interior of a property without the owner’s consent.
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